Our Area of Expertise

 We have gained reputation for best maintaining computer systems in Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).  With over 1000 systems in its fold, the performance has been remained excellent.  Our company is well equipped with qualified Hardware Professionals who have gained successful management of problems to their credit and are made to meet any eventualities.  Our team has better functionary, timely preventive maintenance and discipline, are the backbone of the company.

The following are the areas of expertise:

  • Desktop computing solutions
  • Mobile computing solutions
  • Client server solutions
  • Thin Client computing Solution.
  • High Performance computing solutions
  • Imaging and printing solution
  • Back Up & Data retrieval Solution
  • Networking (LAN / WAN) and its security solution
  • Printer, Storage Supplies, Computer Rental Service, etc.
  • Power Solution, Electronic Security Management device
  • IP & DVR cameras.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for computer & Peripherals, UPS systems, Network maintenance. AMC contract for maintenance of CC Cameras & IP Cameras.
  • Communication Solution, Wired & Wireless

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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